About Us

Our History

UnderPAWS was inspired by Pete. Pete LIKES long naps, snuggling and walks through the neighborhood….and he LOVES going for rides in the car. Unfortunately, he was destroying the car. Partially rolling the window down didn’t work - Pete quickly learned how to roll down the window on his own.

We thought if he could figure that out, we could figure out how to protect the car.

So, UnderPAWS was born.

Our Pet Travel Policy

We understand that pets traveling in, or partially out, of automobiles presents certain risks. We encourage dog owners to harness and tether their pets in the back seat and travel at low to moderate speeds. We also encourage the use of protective eye wear as road debris can cause serious damage to those little eyes. Please travel responsibly.

Our Environmental Policy

We are also an environmentally conscious organization, limiting our packaging materials and limiting our carbon footprint as much as possible, always keeping in mind that what is good for our planet is also good for our pets.

Made in USA